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Made For You......... The Wholesaler

Twisted Gorilla is a Management Application that has been developed purely for Trading Businesses such as Wholesalers, Distributors and Provedores to make business to business trading a breeze.

It’s these features that will make your business clever,
  • Uses equipment you already have, like iPhones, iPads or their android equivalents.

  • Available on multiple platforms for you to use the way you want. Online web version for back office PC or PC version for fast responsive touch screens for your sales desk

  • Twistedgorilla

  • Twisted Gorilla is built with an open Application Programmable Interface or API for short. Allowing integration with Xero online accounting software. Other accounting packages like MYOB, Quick Books and Sage can have information exported to them easily.

  • Improves your business’s reliability and saves you money. Twisted Gorilla does not require expensive and unreliable servers. What’s more, No Backing Up required. What a time saver!

  • It takes the Stress out of owning a POS system. You can enjoy the latest features without the hassle of upgrades, we do this for you.

  • Your Data is Safe, we automatically back up your data on secure servers. So it’s protected and can only be accessed by you.

  • All the numbers you need. Comes with a full suite of standard sales, product, stock or customer Reports. We will even tailor reports specific to your circumstance.

  • Real Time or “Live” Stock Control. Allows your sales team to sell what’s actually in stock.

  • Twisted Gorilla’s built in stock thresholds, allows your purchasing department to keep stock levels to an optimum and buy stock before it runs out.

  • Print Off all the dockets you need, receipt, packing and delivery dockets from any printer from anywhere.

  • View your company's performance and information from anywhere you have mobile coverage.

  • Twisted Gorilla goes one step further by providing your customers a Buyers Application they can download for free to use on their smart phones or tablets to place orders with your system. An Industry First!

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